Design for Success


An Encompassing Vision

Taken together, this redesign is intended to serve its surrounding neighborhood, the larger Houston area and tourists from everywhere. It envisions collaborative contribution from the green/sustainable urban design community and the urban garden movement. It is intended for night and day use, and it emphasizes fitness and active recreation. 

At the thematic center of all of it is the 638 ft. image display on the dome's ceiling, which will give visitors an experience unlike anything they have ever seen (unless they've been to orbit). 


In addition to tree canopy, lawns and water features, the green park we propose features a 15,000-seat music pavilion, a tree house conference center, a community garden, and such amenities as a carrousel, a sand castle beach, climbing bluffs, a dog park and a grotto cafe behind a waterfall. 


Tailgating, rodeo cook-off and carnival rides are all accommodated in the park. We are proposing a new perimeter street, a new north-south street and new garages with thousands of parking spaces.