Committed To Preservation

Our Outreach to the Texas Historical Commission

We are proposing ambitious improvements that we believe honor, respect and celebrate the physical, visual and experiential identity and history of the Astrodome. This page describes specific recommendations pertaining to achieving and sustaining the appropriate balance of protection and productive function.


Mission/Our role in this process:

A*T is here to help Harris County/HCSCC/tenants/THC solve for all factors. 


A*T Objectives: 

  • To propose and defend solutions that reconcile new development with preservation rules and tenant contracts.
  • To propose improvements that add value and functionality to the Reliant/NRG Park property as a whole, while working within THC rules and process. 
  • To support solutions that will contribute to, and benefit from, development of the surrounding neighborhood, over the long term.
  • To contribute to development of a roadmap for a healthy relationship between Astrodome stakeholders and THC.



Core/essential historic elements are:

  • Dome roof (both exterior and interior)
  • Waffle concrete façade
  • Center open space (but with alterations)
  • Structural integrity of concourses




1.We prescribe what we see as modifications necessary for long term viability:

  • Solar conversion with no obvious change in roof appearance
  • Visitor access and amenities on flat roofs, apex platform
  • Addition of hanging vegetation to concrete waffle façade
  • New exterior stairs & elevators where old towers and umbilicals removed
  • New visitor entrances and windows at street level where berms have been removed, exposing non-structural walls.


2. Some uses are better, more in line with County/HCSCC functional needs and priorities

  • Education focus
  • New exhibition floor space
  • More event capacity
  • Park
  • Emergency Preparedness


3.  Existing county & state resources & programs can/should be brought to bear.

  • HC Dept of Education
  • HC Flood Control
  • HGAC
  • County Parks Department
  • Texas Master Gardener Program


4. Financing

  • County/HAS/HCSCC/Rodeo all have existing financing/contractual/lease models that can work for this property.
  • Mortgage/lien/sale of any part of the property is off the table, and not needed.


5. Schedule

  • Redevelopment can be in stages and pieces, but should follow a master plan.
  • HVAC, plumbing, electric infrastructure should wait for development of a long-term master plan, but can then be financed and built out in stages and in pieces.

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Below this multi-level park is multi-level parking and, when Rodeo is in residence, a horse barn.

"I remember the first time I saw the Astrodome and get really excited thinking about a new urban center park space for Houston. The ASTRODOME*TOMORROW plan for a multi-venued, Texas and space-themed, world attraction is awesome. Sign me up!"