About Us

Our mission is to perform public service by partnering with all stakeholders of Reliant Park and the Astrodome to organize, plan, finance, engineer, construct, operate and sustain a Reliant Park renewal program that replaces Reliant Arena, adds significant exhibition space, more parking and a green park, and transforms the Astrodome into a visionary retail, cultural and civic center, and a global destination for tourism and learning



Directors, Advisors & Volunteer Programs

to be announced at our Launch.


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ASTRODOME*TOMORROW is a non-commercial private project whose mission is to ensure the successful redevelopment of the Astrodome and Reliant Park as a master-planned, world-class destination venue, surrounded by a 90-acre green park.


We are a group of designers, planners, STEM advocates and historians who have volunteered to determine the highest and best use of the Astrodome and address other needs within the Reliant Park complex. We are searching for partners with the financial means, imagination and technical know-how to design, build and operate a unique world attraction in and around this iconic structure.


ASTRODOME*TOMORROW is teaming with World STEM Works, C-STEM and Museums International to propose a rich mix of activities and amenities including a STEM education institute and several museums including the American Oil & Gas Hall of Fame, and a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Museum.  A collection of boutique, immersive, high touch museums are proposed on subjects from Houston fashion to aerospace to UFOs!