Concept and Art by Chris Alexander We love the idea of a park inside the Astrodome. This sketch suggests our approach.


What could happen next, if all are willing… 

1. Grant permanent SAL designation for the Astrodome

2. Resolve apparent conflicts between:
SAL standards and guidelines 
Tenants’ contractual rights 
Functional requirements for prosperous enterprise 
Public service 

3. Figure out how to achieve good outcomes all around. Stakeholders should be able to… 
Take “cumbersome” bureaucracy in stride 
Enter the permitting fray with enthusiasm and integrity
Double down on positive outlook. 
Transition to working on this together 
Get expert guidance and free help J from the Texas Historical Commission.

Potential justifies robust investment & diligent conservancy. 
Failure to develop this historic landmark and its setting in an appropriate way would rob our community of huge civic benefits that would come from success. I hope everyone will weigh claims of hypothetical harm from preservation against the potential benefits for the community from successful rehabilitation. I want to be able to trust that the Commissioners understand the economic POTENTIAL the Dome has if properly restored. Its potential is important. They don't want to rescue a building that will just sit there and be a drain; they want to rescue it so that it can come alive again. 

SAL protection assures current and new stakeholders. 
It‘s fair to weigh potential against risk. Developers, investors etc. aren't going to put their money into something that could be destroyed or changed at the whim of the county, the Texans or the Rodeo.


Appropriate treatment: Rehabilitation

  • Only rehabilitation allows practical, beneficial new use, with alterations and additions. 
  • The category “rehabilitation: adaptation for new use” assumes and supports re-purposing for successful new use. 
  • This building will never again be used as a sports stadium. Successful new use requires a building that functions well in the 21st century. 


  • Immersive experiences
  • Museums and institutes on future/space/energy/tech/engineering
  • More & better arena and exhibition space
  • Transparent solar panels in the skylights 
  • 80-acre green park with garden terraces above covered parking
  • Concert Pavilion for 15,000, comparable to CWMitchell
  • Miniature monorail linking all amenities

An Encompassing Vision

Taken together, ASTRODOME*TOMORROW'S NRG Park Program is intended to serve its surrounding neighborhood, the larger Houston area and tourists from around the world. It envisions creative collaboration involving numerous kinds of communities, companies, institutions and interest groups, all cooperating in a spirit of civic pride and public service. The park we envision is intended for night and day use, and emphasizes fitness and active recreation.


ASTRODOME*TOMORROW is a Texas non-profit corporation whose mission is to assist successful redevelopment of the Astrodome and Reliant/NRG Park as a world-class destination venue that includes an 80-acre green park and music amphitheater.

ASTRODOME*TOMORROW is partnering with World STEM Works, C-STEM and Museums International to propose a rich mix of activities and amenities including the National Institute of Technology and Innovation and several hands-on museums including the American Oil & Gas Hall of Fame, a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Museum, a Museum of the Future, America's first Museum of Mid-Century Modern Design and an Astrodome Museum.  A collection of smaller, boutique and traveling museums will inform and entertain on fun subjects from Houston fashion to UFOs!


We are a group of professional designers, business developers, planners, STEM educators and historians who have joined forces to recommend highest and best uses of the Astrodome and to advocate solutions for other challenges and opportunities within the Reliant/NRG Park complex.


We are searching for partners who have the financial means and imagination to team with us, to create a unique world attraction in and around this iconic structure.

Any new programming considered for the redevelopment of the Astrodome must include significant unique elements that create a destination for the region.

Reliant Park Master Plan Analysis, 2012