Here's my latest iteration of "What fits in the Astrodome?" an exercise intended to help convey a sense of scale as regards potential space allocations for commercial leases and guest activities. These examples are broadly the KINDS of programmed spaces envisioned and they "fit" the space. We're NOT proposing these specific brands, companies or functions.

The green color in the structure shapes is there to suggest that all the rooftops of any structures in the Dome can and should be green spaces accessible to guests and integrated with events and activities happening on the main floor of the great court below.


This is a proposal to create a beautiful, green, safe destination in a true park setting where civic culture, enterprise and commerce can thrive. 


The Dome envisioned here would offer value-added lease spaces for diverse tenants including museums, institutes, offices, studios, retailers, restaurants, and active recreation and entertainment venues. 


ASTRODOME*TOMORROW recommends integrated immersive experiences inside the Astrodome, transparent solar panels on the roof, a surrounding 90-acre park with tree-shaded green terraces over surface parking, a new, state-of-the-art NRG Arena, an illuminated climbing tower, a music pavilion to rival the Mitchell, and a monorail linking all the amenities to off-site parking. 


We believe that Houston's most iconic structure is now part of Houston's brand in the world. And we believe the Dome has the potential to enrich Houston's economy by generating a critical mass of new and returning tourists. For both of these reasons we believe that... 


...elected leaders can justify helping to make viable redevelopment happen.


Our proposal encompasses the entire NRG property.


Traffic and streets

  • Widen several city streets to add new lanes.
    • Kirby
    • Fannin
    • South Main
  • Create new city street connecting NRG Parkway to South Main.
  • Create new public streets on NRG Park property owned by Harris County (new county roads)


Parking garages

  • Kirby North (Red) Lot
  • South End at 610
  • Fannin at Holly Hall
  • McNee (west of Kirby)


Hotels on property but not in Astrodome*

  • NRG Parkway at Stadium Drive 
    • Share parking with Kirby North Garage
    • Street access from Kirby
  • Kirby south at 610 
  • Fannin south at 610
  • *Handful of luxury suites, upper levels insied Astrodome



  • More & better arena and exhibition space
  • 100-acre green park with garden terraces above covered parking
  • Concert Pavilion for 15,000, comparable to CWMitchell
  • Museums and institutes on future/space/energy/tech/engineering
  • Immersive experiences
  • Transparent solar panels in the skylights 
  • Miniature monorail linking all amenities

An Encompassing Vision

ASTRODOME*TOMORROW'S NRG Park Program is intended to serve its surrounding neighborhood, the larger Houston area and tourists from around the world. It envisions creative collaboration involving numerous kinds of communities, companies, institutions and interest groups, all cooperating in a spirit of civic pride and public service. The park we envision is intended for night and day use, and emphasizes fitness and active recreation. 

Concept and Art by Chris Alexander Proposed new elements shown in this rendering, clockwise from top left: 100K SF sky bridge exhibition hall connecting Dome to NRG Center, relocated NRG Arena, 350K SF exhibition hall with terraced garden roof, 100K SF glass atrium around entire Dome.
ASTRODOME*TOMORROW is a Texas noncommercial, private project whose mission is to assist successful redevelopment of the Astrodome and Reliant/NRG Park as a world-class destination venue that includes a 90-acre green park and music amphitheater.

ASTRODOME*TOMORROW is partnering with World STEM Works, C-STEM and Museums International to propose a rich mix of activities and amenities anchored by hands-on museums including a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Museum, a Museum of the Future, America's first Museum of Mid-Century Modern Design and an Astrodome Museum.  A collection of smaller, boutique and traveling museums will inform and entertain on fun subjects from Houston fashion to UFOs!


We are a group of professional designers, business developers, planners, STEM educators and historians who have joined forces to recommend highest and best uses of the Astrodome and to advocate solutions for other challenges and opportunities within the NRG Park complex.


We are searching for allies who have the financial means and imagination to team with us, to create a unique world attraction in and around this iconic structure.

Any new programming considered for the redevelopment of the Astrodome must include significant unique elements that create a destination for the region.

Reliant Park Master Plan Analysis, 2012